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Engineering Consultancy - Training & Education - Equipment Sales Novolta is more than just an engineering consultancy. We combine expertise, youthful energy and a “think outside the square” approach to solve problems and present you with solutions.

We specialise in sustainable energy solutions for the remote, tropical and arid parts of the world, integrating leading edge technology (but not bleeding edge!) with conventional solutions to bring you the best of both worlds.

Novolta is based in Darwin, Australia ’s Northern Territory, and travel widely to assist our many clients across several continents.

Wolfgang Meike – Managing Director

Wolfgang has provided advice on, designed and implemented complex renewable energy power system solutions across northern Australia and South-East Asia to Government Departments, the private sector as well as individuals.

Before incorporating Novolta Pty Ltd, he held a number of senior positions such as Director of the Northern Territory Centre for Energy Research at the Charles Darwin University and the Senior Engineer of the Alternative Energy Group at the Power Water Corporation of the Northern Territory.

Paul Chandler - Sustainable Power Systems Engineer

Paul’s portfolio of experience in sustainable energy systems covers aspects such as automated data collection & analysis, training, auditing, project evaluation, and end-use efficiency.

With a technical specialisation in power electronics and electric machines, Paul has a deep understanding of renewable energy equipment and the effect of different loads.

Paul has consulted in a number of areas including the combined analysis of thermal and electric loads on hybrid power systems and the design of electronic motor controllers for renewable energy applications.

Howard Pullen - Consultant

Howard is Novolta’s Education Consultant. He is qualified to deliver theoretical and practical training at the TAFE and Higher Education levels.

Howard has been involved in remote renewable energy projects since the 1970s and has contributed to the education of industry personnel since 1990. Providing a practical education is Howard’s greatest strength.

Other Staff

Novolta brings on board the expertise of a number of other senior consultants and general technical staff on a project-by-project basis. This further extends our core of specialist knowledge.

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Can't find what you need? Search the Novolta web site with Google!