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Engineering Consultancy - Training & Education - Equipment SalesNovolta provides Sustainable Energy Solutions to minimise the life cycle cost of your electricity and other energy needs. To achieve this we balance the benefits of both renewable resources and fossil fuel resources and can integrate these into your current energy system.

Where appropriate, we can implement schemes to retain your existing assets for the rest of their economic life, leaving you with a sustainable and economically advantageous power system.

We specialise in renewable energy based power systems for arid and remote parts of the world. These systems include solar power (PV), wind, solar thermal, biomass and micro-hydro. If you are interested in finding out more about these energy generation systems, follow the links shown on the left.

Why renewable energy?

The price balance between renewable energy and fossil fuel energy is relatively simple. The price of fossil is increasing due to a diminishing supply and cost of renewable energy reduces due to an ever increasing number of large installations. This means that the number of sites where renewable energy can reduce energy costs is growing rapidly. If you are situated in an off-grid area where a cheap fuel supply is difficult to source and is expensive to maintain then a sustainable solution may already be the most cost effective solution for you.

By incorporating renewable energy into your power system, you reduce the long term risk of fuel price increases. This is largely because most sustainable energy systems harvest energy that is free (sun, wind, water) leaving zero fuel and fuel transportation costs. As the name suggests the fuel sources are sustainable, meaning they will effectively never run out. This also means that there will never be diminishing supplies driving prices upwards.

Designed properly, a power system incorporating a renewable source should reduce your day-to-day operating costs and provide a significant environmental and social benefit. In addition, Australians are the highest producers of CO 2 per capita in the developed world.

You can assist in changing this.

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Can't find what you need? Search the Novolta web site with Google!